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Babies often retching as soon as possible for medical treatment

  mother is reflected while the children were playing, often suddenly mouth retching. Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of disease Center Director Lee pointed out that the Department of traditional medicine, baby this situation might be due to spleen and stomach is bad, the function of spleen and stomach weak baby, eat more, it is easy to vomit or discharge.
her mother felt that this is the baby dry throat, caused by water shortages, so let your child drink plenty of water now, or some rice and oil will do. Lee pointed out that, when rice oil is boiled rice or millet gruel, floating above a layer of fine, thick, oil-like substance. Drink rice and oil have a spleen benefits stomach effect, but babies often retching cannot solve the problem. In addition, this drink will not solve the problem.
therefore, if the baby is often retching, parents should observe a baby is too much the last few days, if not too much lead, it is best to check to the hospital to tackle. Babies often retching parents not to be taken lightly, should be timely medical treatment.

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