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Baby growth and development 3 curved to note

  newborn is the spine is very soft, formation of each spinal curvature, is the growth and development of golden period. "Not too early to learn to walk" argument is correct, select the appropriate time for your baby to learn to walk is very important.
spine formation care tips
bear the weight of the whole body of the spine. Sitting and walking, balance, natural 3 curved spine.

1th bending before the age of 1, is the fastest growing baby's spine. Newborn is the spine is very soft, almost entirely straight. Starting from the 3rd month after birth, the baby began to rise, so that the muscles are strengthened, also began to form 1th bending of spine-cervical lordosis.
, 3-month-old baby in her arms without closely guarding his head when! but before the bend has not yet fully formed, parents must be full support for the baby, to avoid accidents. Bending
2nd/> a baby at 6 months, will form the 2nd bending of spine-thoracic kyphosis. At this point, the baby can sit can be alone without any support.
need to alert parents, babies 6 months ago, if there is good support, don't leave him sitting alone. Because babies may not yet be fully hardened in the thoracic spine, forced baby form a bend in advance, easy for babies to develop the habit of leaning forward and will cause a hunchback, and affect the baby's carriage. Bending
3rd/> around the age of 1, and when babies learn to walk, forming the 3rd bending of spine-lumbar lordosis.
growth in children to follow certain rules. The so-called "6 months", "9 months climbing", "12 months", is closely related to pediatric bone and muscle development. Is notable, if premature at this stage to get kids to learn to walk, due to their lower limbs, back bone and muscle development is not yet perfect, unable to effectively support their body weight, easy to form an "x" or "o" shaped legs, and in serious cases can cause fatigue fractures.
in addition, while babies aged 1 occurs within this 3 curved, but until they are six or seven years old, child's scoliosis will be completely fixed. Therefore, parents must be combined with the various stages of physical development for children with suitable sports, do not burn out.
with a little care, the baby can have a beautiful appearance, well-built body. "Baby take care of aesthetic education laws" allow their kids to have access to intensive care after the birth of each stage. Parents, then do it!


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