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Newborn diarrhea treatment time

  neonatal diarrhea is the most common disease of the gastrointestinal tract in the neonatal period, also known as dyspepsia in neonates and newborns enteritis.
newborn once when there is a number of stools diluted water sample is close to the fan, parents most worried, overwhelmed, is busy feeding boiled milk, much to feed children afraid to aggravate diarrhea, feed less feared the baby was hungry. Part is still in the hospital nursery newborns after birth a few days just to feed the milk diarrhea a few times, even accompanied by fever. A cold contact unconsciously will dilute the number of medical staff increased, sometimes newborns first few days in good health, but discharged stepmother's milk enough to add some milk, baby bear, increased stool frequency and how smelly water, why is this?
because of immunologic function in newborns with poor intestinal immunity in particular is much lower when the intestinal infection, no ability to weaken and neutralize the virulence of bacteria.
in addition, fetuses in the womb in the absence of bacteria growing in a greenhouse environment, immediately after birth, in a wide range of bacteria, viruses grown in pollution of the environment, the resistance is too weak, digestive function and the function of the system functions poorly and, therefore, suffer from digestive disorders in neonates, and susceptibility to infectious diarrhoea.
newborns suffering from infectious diarrhea is caused by many pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi cause fetal birth through the mother's vagina, bacteria can enter the fetus inside the mouth through the vagina to cause infection. Contaminated milk, nipples and feeding bottles, etc. Good hygiene at home, but my mother and nursing child does not pay attention to sanitation and hygiene of the Aunty became carriers. Some newborns suffering from serious illness, such as neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, or by blood flow to the gut, even a cold can bring viruses into the intestine causing diarrhea. Diarrhea caused by different bacteria and viruses are not the same; mild patients only gastrointestinal symptoms, diarrhea 516 times to more than 10 times a day, there food milk bad, vomiting, low-grade fever, weak and mild abdominal distension, cry, dry lips, the anterior Fontanelle depression. When stools diluted water sample can be increased up to 10-20/day. Also accompanied by high fever and vomiting less urine, lethargy, parents look at the newborn, appear cold hands and feet, flooding and the skin, breathing deep, cherry red lips. Diaper and found children with poor response, around the nose and mouth of cyanosis, dry lips, sunken, this happens, parents do not effect, need to go to hospital infusion treatment.
If newborn of stool times more, yellow, has egg spent soup sample, often with blood and mucus, although children not eating many milk, but has fishy taste, row will Shi cry make, upset disturbed, this class of diarrhea, most is a pathogenic sex Escherichia coli caused of, is newborn period compared common of diarrhea, need added with anti-inflammatory drug for example coptis pigment 12 mg daily three times and the with Digest drug and oral rehydration salt filling water, clothing 4-5 days recovered.
in fall/winter season climate varied, newborn also and big children as easy patient "autumn diarrhea", is by a in electronic microscope under see like round-like of virus caused of, performance fever, and vomiting, and cough, and flow t, cold symptoms, stool for water, and thin, and rice soup sample, and mucus less each volume more, and no fishy taste, cry make, and upset disturbed, treatment compared difficult, general anti-inflammatory drug invalid, only enhanced newborn resistance, can added with some medicine, using Digest drug as table fly Ming each a daily three times And oral rehydration salt water for one week would be nice, which required hospital treatment.
some of the diarrhea caused by life-threatening and needs timely treatment. Diarrhea due to Salmonella typhimurium infection is usually seen. Most of them were caused by contaminated food. Preterm neonates with low body weight was more common. Also can ward, new room popular, newborn patient has this disease yihou is compared heavy of, and mortality high, parents found has this disease Shi to note infectious strong, as soon as possible to isolation, general contact 3-4 days Hou on onset, sent fever, stool is black green, stick heavy, also has white will, rubber frozen sample will, dilute water will with obviously fishy taste, parents found has diversification stool Shi, will carefully observation newborn whether exists jaundice, bloating. Early gentamicin or light patients can take 10,000 units at a time, even served three times a day 5-6 day, but if abdominal distension increased progress jaundice may have septicemia, in addition, if a new scream, convulsions, meningitis, should be brought to a hospital for treatment in a timely manner can be cured. But persisting for a long time sometimes can take up to 6 months, due to the prevalence of long, indigestion can become malnourished, diaper rash and thrush, urethritis, pneumonia, vitamin deficiency, anaemia, and so on.
diarrhea treated by different pathogens are not the same, take principles of diet and nutrition, and child diarrhea. Newborn would dilute it is not eating too much milk at first, if there are insufficient milk diluted milk may be added (1 parts water 1 part milk) don't jump the gun, increase the amount of milk too quickly. Reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract, appropriate oral salt, vitamin c and would have taken the stomach enzyme mixture and biofermin, help restore digestive function, various different types of diarrhea using vitamins, such as Berberine, furazolidone, polymyxin and so on, if the virus was the cause of diarrhea, parents not to give children with anti-inflammatory drugs. If after the usual shit did not improve after the treatment, and watery diarrhea for more than 10 times more should adopt children went to the hospital for treatment.


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