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How to feed newborn medicine (photo)


1. before you take the medicine, Parents should not give children milk and drinking water, to make a sick child in a State of hunger. This can prevent nausea and vomiting and sick child hunger, easy to swallow drugs.
2. by your doctor, pill or potion is first place spoon, mix thoroughly with warm water, or sugar as needed. Feeding drugs to carry children in arms, hold the head into a semi-reclining position, food two fingers gently with thumb, in children with bilateral buccal, forcing the patients mouth, then the drug slowly into the child's mouth. But be careful, do not use the mouth in children with pinched-nose ways to make, and it is not the drugs directly into the throat, so as not to inhale the drug tracheal cough, even leading to aspiration pneumonia.
3. feed the drug should continue to feed 20~30 ml of water will accumulate drugs in oral cavity and esophagus into the stomach, and medicine should not be immediately after feeding, so as to avoid nausea, vomiting.
4。 Strict control of the dose. Neonatal liver,. Kidney and other organ detoxification function of development has not been perfect, if overdose are susceptible to poisoning.
5. sometimes the dosage in children is very small, in order to facilitate accurate dose and reduce the loss of drugs active ingredients, start by taking medicine and calcium had no significant effect on the body, such as the drug crush and mix, then separate the doses, taken by.  


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