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Baby eye secretions to do

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a secretion of baby eyes: eye discharge is a common eye mild infectious disease. Are possible due to exposure to vaginal secretions containing bacteria during delivery, delivery operations contaminated hands or out of contact after the panic in supply is not clean, cause inflammation of the conjunctiva of the children, newborns too much eye discharge and sticky. II is some children nasal tears tube was epithelial cell residue jam or nasal tears tube mucosa block, makes tear and tears road within of secretion real product left in tears SAC and caused tears SAC inflammatory, such of children in tears SAC at has a SAC sex swollen real, surface slightly sent green, if gently oppression eyes inside of tears SAC Department, can see mucus or mucus sex secretion real overflow, swollen real disappeared.
/> care for eye discharge, conjunctival hyperemia of the children, a new mother with cotton wool dipped in warm water to clean the eyes of newborns, twice a day, by the inner corner of eye, wipe gently and with a piece of cotton wool for each eye.
secretion of origin

doctor prompted two days after birth to wake up if your lashes are glued together, or the insides of pus, dacryocystitis or nasolacrimal duct blockage or appear, to go to the doctor as soon as possible.


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