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New mother 4 major causes of postpartum milk deficiency

  Q: new mothers lack of breast milk
a: chemical invasion
after the new mother on bra a milk duct, because the nipple bra under the pressure, causing nipples and bras of frictions, fiber will gradually enter the milk on a bra tube so that the blocked duct, causing some women less milk or no milk. To avoid this situation, recommends:
pregnancy don't put bra Department have had tight, especially in pregnancy late, more should note;
avoid let skin directly contact chemical fiber clothing, don't in Bra outside directly wear wool class clothes;
bra washing to particularly carefully, do not will bra and other clothing together washing;
each using bra Qian, must to carefully will its inside of dust, and fiber-like real, and Hairiness, brushed NET;
do bra of fabric must to soft, The best selection of high quality cotton material;
in addition, should stick to scrubbing, massaging the breasts during pregnancy, attention to nipple hygiene.
/> spirit with the rapid economic development of society, and accelerate the pace of modern life, stressful living environment, complex relationships, often make great fluctuations in the person's mood, irritation, surprise, sadness, emotions such as yunu may occur at any time. These factors may be the new mother's effects in the cerebral cortex activities of pituitary, thus inhibiting prolactin secretion, so that new mothers milk deficient. Stress relaxation, relaxation, not only for himself, for the next generation also benefited. Consciously listening to music, reading a good book, doing aerobic exercise, emotional regulation, maintain the enthusiasm for life, must be correct.
many women in pursuit of modern slim changed eating habits. Usually eats like a bird, focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, and even maintain normal functioning of the body the necessary staple foods have been "blacklisted", this partial eclipse will often cause protein, fat and other nutrients scarce, milk is also not much. Deliberately blind to go on a diet to lose weight, gain.
abuse contraceptives because of fear of pregnancy, abuse their own contraceptives, endocrine disorders, pituitary prolactin function subject to different restrictions, an obstacle for normal breast development, leading to lack of milk after childbirth.


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