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  Hangzhou love Tony confinement service center is approved by the Department of labor, Bureau of industry and Commerce registered legal confinement service. The Agency provides professional confinement services training, day students, professional name, breast feeding and baby keepsakes such as diversification of services. All countries of formal technical training, maternal and child expert level selection, rigorous assessment professionals, we are dedicated to providing you with quality professional service. Since the company's inception, validated by our practice services, access to the majority of users at home. By Zhejiang TV station as " top ten credit service unit of Zhejiang Province "!
full, and thoughtful of quality service system
good baby for pre-school 0-6 age Hangzhou love Bell months sister-in-law, and Hangzhou months sister-in-law, and Hangzhou months sister-in-law company, and Hangzhou months sister-in-law price, and Hangzhou please months sister-in-law how many money, and Hangzhou months sister-in-law network, and Hangzhou months sister-in-law intermediary, and Hangzhou which home months sister-in-law company good, and Hangzhou best of months sister-in-law company of infant in all development age paragraph of individual features, and Psychological needs launched a month, baby sitter, a crèche service consisting of Echelon, to achieve the alienation of a service. This three-level training of service personnel, selection standards, services are focused in order to achieve a more professional phase, the whole focus of care services.
strict and detailed selection criteria
good baby, Trade Union Unity, primarily through the training of service personnel, municipal Labor Bureau uniform examination and professional skill appraisal, issued a certificate. Companies from the health status, age, education, family, marriage, communication skills and other aspects of the screening and selection, trying to open source will guarantee to provide customers with healthy, reliable, high-quality service.
formal, professional examination training system
good baby advocate Advanced Nursing concepts, the company has experienced infant and the obstetrics and Gynecology medical expert, responsible for professional advice to customers. Diversity in order to meet customer demand, employees on the one hand to the specialized training institutions for General home economics training, on the one hand and a nice baby trainer staff thoroughly professional training and deepening and learning theories.
value specification for details of the service
details determine success or failure, services section, service is in the details. Service officers daily household maternal and infant physiological and life index recorded one by one, as the perfection of every detail in the security services on the one hand, to provide customers with services in every possible way. Meanwhile, customers timely, clear grasp of your baby's daily diet.

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